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What makes Vagabond Home different?
The First RTT With Two Layers of Fabric

- Exceptional thermal insulation - the two-layer construction will make you feel comfortable even in the most extreme weather conditions. It prevents condensation in wet and cold weather and eliminates any possibility of water leakage in heavy rain. The ventilation pockets on the outer fabric can be closed to regulate air circulation, depending on climatic conditions. The outer and inner fabrics are attached with Velcro and can be easily detached for cleaning. The shell of the tent is manufactured from fiberglass sandwich construction that is also a great insulator.

The Fastest Opening and Closing

- Comfort - gas springs and support mechanisms are hidden between the two layers of fabric, and so you don’t see them while resting in the tent. The ceiling is covered by fine, 3mm thick, automotive grade upholstery.

- Lightweight construction – the fiberglass shell is made by vacuum infusion (a process used in the production of modern aircraft and sailing yachts). This in combination with the aluminum frame, integrated in the bottom, provides a weight of 65kg (143 lbs.). This means that the tent can be easily placed on top of a car by two people.

- Quick closing - thanks to gas springs that can be locked in any position, it is very easy to close the Vagabond Home. To do this, you have to pull the roof of the tent almost completely down, lock the springs, put the fabric inside, and then close the box completely.


- Aerodynamic shape – The tent resembles the shape of an airplane wing, which is optimized for reducing drag force, and so minimizes fuel consumption. That’s why on most modern car designs the roof tends to go lower to the back.

- Easy installation on almost any car with no tools - To use the Vagabond Home you have to equip your car with roof bars at least 135cm (53") long (this is a standard size offered by all major manufacturers of roof racks).

- Provides a lot of internal space – The highest spot of the Vagabond Home is located in the front. And when you open it up, it provides really a lot of height in the front. This way it combines the advantages of both types of hard shell roof top tents. 

- Security - Vagabond Home has a special anti-theft lock, allowing you to leave your belongings in the closed tent and be sure about their safety. In addition, Vagabond Home cannot be removed from the vehicle while it is in closed position.


- Comfortably fits two adults and one child - The width and length are 135 cm by 225 cm (53'' x 88.5’’). When open, the highest point of the ceiling is 150 cm (59''). This fits two adults and a child comfortably

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