- Two adults and a child.
- 4mm FRP produced by resin infusion, with 3mm honeycomb heat insulating Soric XF core.
- Automotive grade upholstery on the inside.
-  4mm FRP produced by resin infusion, with 3mm honeycomb heat insulating Soric XF core.
-  Integrated aluminium support frame.
-  Impregnated plywood sleeping base.
- 5cm high density polyurethane foam.
Opening and closing
- High Quality gas springs with all positions blocking ability, operated by external rotary knob.
- Two toggle latches that assist closing.
- Safety lock to protect your valuables, when you are not around.
-  4 points (2x2) dimmable LED lightning, powered by the car battery and automotive lighter socket for charging electronics (max 10A).
- Telescopic aluminium ladder with attachment hooks. Stays inside while travelling. - 2m, 5.5kg. (standard size, can be longer on request)
 Outer fabric
- High durability sun and rain blocking 350gsm PVC impregnated Polyester fabric.
Inner fabric
- Highly breathable 200 gsm polyester fabric.
- 4 brackets with cam lever clamps – (no tools required for mouning).
- Minimum roof bars length - 135cm.


A lot of Internal space

Excellent ventilation

- aerodynamic shape – The tent resembles the shape of an airplane wing, which is optimized for reducing drag force, and so minimizes fuel consumption. That’s why on most modern car designs the roof tends to go lower to the back.

- provides a lot of internal space – The highest spot of the vagabond home is located in the front. And when you open it up, it provides really a lot of height in the front. This way it combines the advantages of both types of hard shell roof top tents.

- the lightest fiberglass rtt of it's size – The shells of the vagabond home tent are produced by vacuum infusion, a process used in the production of modern airplanes and sailing yachts. Because of this, and due to the use of integrated aluminium support structure, Vagabond Home weights only 45kg. This means that it can be easily put on top of the vehicle by two people.

- very good thermal insulation – The Vagabond Home is built from “sandwich” material. The 3 mm “Soric” core lying in the middle of the shells provides very good insulation, and so prevents any possibility of condensation. The inside of the roof is covered by 3mm thick automotive grade upholstery that improves heat insulation in the hot summer days even more.

- two layers of fabric – The classic construction, used on all expedition 4 seasons tents, consisting of highly breathable inner layer and completely waterproof outer layer, with closable ventilation pockets, provides good insulation and ventilation, and the ability to handle all kinds of weather.

- detachable fabric – Both layers of fabric of the Vagabond Home are attached by a highly durable Velcro. This provides an easy way to detach them for washing.

- no metal parts or mechanisms inside - The gas springs and support mechanisms of the tent are hidden between the two layers of fabric, so when resting inside you don’t see any metal parts. This provides a true sense of coziness.

- the easiest closing - Due to the use of high quality gas springs, that can be locked in every position, it is really easy to close the Vagabond Home. Unlike the other tents, there is no need to set up complicated bungee cords, which will pull the fabric to the inside, while you are closing the tent. You can simply pull the tent down, almost to the end and lock the tent via the rotary knob. Put the cloth easily inside, and then close the tent completely.

- dimmable 4 points lightning and power socket - The tent is equipped with 4 lights, mounted in the 4 corners of the ceiling. The top ones provide light in the whole tent, and the bottom ones are intended mainly for reading. You can dim them separately. The tent is also equipped with an automotive lighter socket, providing a convenient way to charge electronics. Both the lightning and power socket are powered from the lighter socket of the car via an integrated cable. This way you don’t have to worry about any batteries or other consumables.

- anti-theft lock - The anti-theft lock enables you to walk patiently in cities without worrying about your belongings. This way you don’t have to move your stuff in the car before closing the tent.

- easy mounting – The cam lever clamps, used for mounting the tent, are hand operated, just like on a bicycle seat. Unlike other tents they are operated from the inside, so the tent can not be stolen from the car while it is locked. You can mount the tent on virtually any car, with no tools. The length of the roof bars must be at least 135cm. This is a standard size and is provided by all of the major roof bars producers.