Call it a rooftop tent, car-top tent, pop-up tent or a re-imagined camping rig - it will change the way you travel and open up new adventures!

Whether you love extreme sports, road tripping, discovering remote places, or just having the freedom to go where you want when you want Vagabond Home is for you.

We created Vagabond Home roof top tent for anyone who loves the outdoors and being on the road. With Vagabond Home your only task is to find a great place, open it up and get a good night’s sleep.


Vagabond Home has traveled a long way. Over the last two years we have gone through research, conceptual and engineering design, prototyping, and testing. Help Vagabond Home reach production! And join the world of Vagabonds! 

aerodynamic shape

As paragliding pilots we were inspired by the shape of the wing. This shape produces minimum drag force compared to any other, and so reduces fuel consumption. Another advantage of this shape is that, when it's opened it provides more space to the front of the tent.

-And yes... this is the right position on top of the car.

the fastest opening and closing

The high quality gas springs provide a really easy opening. The ability to lock the springs, in every position you want, makes closing as easy as possible. You can pull the tent almost completely down, lock the springs via the rotary knob, put the fabric in, and then close it completely. You can do it yourself, with no efforts, in less than a minute.

excellent protection

Vagabond Home uses the classic construction, of all 4 season expedition tents, consisting of highly breathable inner layer and completely waterproof outer layer, with closable ventilation pockets. This provides excellent insulation and ventilation, and the ability to handle all kinds of weather. The fine meshes on the entrances protect you from insects and other creatures.